We Live in an Experience Economy.

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What is an Experience Economy?

Experiences are distinct economic offerings beyond commodities, goods, and services. Many individuals and companies utilize experiential design to differentiate their goods or services and many build their entire business model around it.

Experiences are inherently personal, but technology and social media has allowed individuals to share their experiences in real time and document their lives to form a digital, searchable catalogue of ThEIR identity.

An experience economy is driven by the mindset that individuals derive their identities from their experiences. people make social and economic decisions largely based on their motivation to seek and share unique and memorable experiences.


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creating EConomic value

We differentiate event planning with experiential design by the intentional economic and social value we seek to create.

Companies are recognizing the opportunity to differentiate themselves with brand experiences. We seek to engage customers in highly authentic brand moments whose power deliver strong ROI to our customers.

Nonprofits are beginning to understand the need to adapt to an experience economy. Supporters are growing skeptical about the use of funds and want to be personally connected to the causes that they support. We help increase empathy, improve education, and decrease the gap between donors and programs. This close connection allows donors to advance from blind supporters to social advocates.

Expectations for private events are higher than ever. Social posting gives events a life well beyond the time and place occurred. Hosting an event experience that is worthy of social sharing is an opportunity to strengthen guest connection with the event occasion and increases one’s personal brand equity.

Designing memorable experiences

The art and science of experiential design should be invisible to guests. When the principles of event design are followed, guest’s needs are anticipated, and their journey is gently guided through a thoughtful and natural flow. The goal is to have the guest immersed in a multi-sensory experience in which they are driven to capture and share.

Grand concepts are easy, but the tactical execution of epic design is where most fail. Success starts with the understanding of constraints and ability to create bold designs within client parameters. Our network of reliable vendor-partners allows us to extend our capabilities and deliver memorable experiences.

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inspiring awe & Capturing imaginations

Versus Experiential seeks opportunities to make people stop and take notice. Through use of technology, design, structure, and décor we look to create moments that are memorable.

Space, time, budgetary, and branding constraints are realities, but we look to create the greatest experience within the project limitations.


The experience of preparing for an event should be as enjoyable as the event itself.

the versus process helps Take some of the stress out of the journey by balancing rigor with simplicity.


The process begins with an in-depth discussion around the vision and goals for the project. We try to identify trackable metrics that would help quantify success. Our clients provide historical context, share key contacts, and deliver relevant documents such as brand guidelines and inspiration imagery. We agree to a reasonable timeline and set key milestones. We set general budgetary allocations to provide guide rails for ideation.


We work through an iterative design process refining as we go. Concepts link back to the vision and strategy of the event, while keeping best practices in mind. For advanced concepts, we engage key partners early to ensure that ideas are feasible and executable considering constraints.


We are active when it comes to the event production and provide hands-on support to ensure that the vision is realized. Challenges inevitably arise, and our team is highly present to adjust details as necessary.


Like all advertising and marketing initiatives, it is extremely difficult to quantify the ROI of an experience. We track as much data as possible and collect qualitative information and report back on the success of a project.